Big Sky Skimo Cup

Elevating THE SPORT OF skimo in montana

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We love skimo...

and we love Montana.

So to that end, we're creating a skimo race series here in our fine state to bring some coordination and growth to the sport. Since there are already some historically awesome races, we won’t be starting more races, but rather coordinating a points series and helping with the promotion and outreach of the existing events. The end result? A tighter, more cohesive skimo community that will help the sport grow beyond the current horizon.

A pair of skimo racers smile at the Bear Skin Skimo Race in Bozeman, Montana

2023 Cup Races

Get all the details and register for the current race line up below.


Additional Regional Races

These events won't add to your points, but are definitely worth checking out!


Click on a name for all race results and certificate!

How does this work?

Everyone who signs up and races for any of the above races will be automatically included in the Big Sky Skimo Cup points series and will be eligible for the end of season prizes, and recognition as the Big Sky Skimo Champ! The points series will be managed by Muddy Dog Sports.

USSMA Points System Categories

•  U14 – Shortened racecourse
•  U16 – Shortened racecourse
•  U18 – Shortened racecourse
•  U20 – Full distance racecourse
•  U23 – Full distance racecourse
•  Senior – Full distance racecourse
•  Masters – Full distance racecourse
•  Recreation – Reduced distance/vert category.

Skimo racers skin up the track in Bozeman, Montana

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